You are Hank Morgan (Anna Morgan), archaeologist.   Following in your father’s footsteps, you were trained in the classic tradition, and helped him as he conducted digs from Pompeii to Petra.  You were proficient in Latin by the time you finished primary school.   But when taking post-Doctoral work in New Mexico, you developed a new passion for the cultures of the Southwest.   For a decade you have explored the Mimbres civilization, trying to defeat the culture thieves.   Called pot hunters, they lurk like vultures near the ancient sites, stealing artifacts and selling them for fabulous prices on the black market.   The last years have been rewarding and often dangerous.  You think that your Latin will never be needed again–but you are wrong!   Very soon, you will need not only your Latin but your courage, wits, and sense of adventure!

  You and your sweetheart are vacationing in the mountains of Colorado and are planning for a wedding in the fall.   As you stand on a rocky ridge, a summer thunderstorm blows up.  The wind begins to gust and, as the first raindrops start to fall, you feel your hair stand on end. Static electricity fills the air.   You realize that lightning is about to strike!   Then your world is shattered by a deafening explosion and the reek of ozone.  You feel yourself falling through space just before losing consciousness....   How long do you fall?   There is no way to tell, because time has no meaning.   Then you are awakened by a splash as you slam into a body of water like a rock skipping across a pond.   Salty liquid rushes up your nose like smelling salts, and you find yourself under water, in blackness.   Frantically, you swim for the surface....

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And so begins the adventure called Via Dolorosa.


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