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  Coded a Magic shop in the slums level.  Optimized slums level so game runs faster.  Upgraded slums level to make it more convincing and improved the lighting.  Made a splash screen for level 8 to make the transition more convincing.  Did some basic animations for two characters who are merchants.  Found a coding breakthrough that makes the dialogue program (by Larry Laffer) run much faster.
1 April 2009.

  Finished cut-scene for Cornelius House level.  Coded action by merchant to allow player to buy a burro and supplies for trip to Jerusalem.  Added AI to Linus from AUM Magazine “breadcrumb code”.  Coded burro so it will follow player from one level to another.
1 March 2009.

  Major rework of the Cornelius House level.  Adds another way for player to get food and drink and get a pass to leave the city.
1 February 2009.

  Finished a new level, which is the cubicle for the Black Bull tavern.  Upgraded the NPC actions in the tavern, which now allows the player to buy food and drink, assuming money is available.  Acquired some very nice models from Arteria.
1 January 2009.

  Finished actions and quests for South Harbor level.  Finished coding the action for the Roman Galley donated by Rincewind.  It now moves across the harbor with oars rowing and drum beating.  Upgraded the Custom House level to add NPC activity and some quests.
1 October 2008.

  Optimized Caesarea level to eliminate lagging response to user interface.  Refined and updated parser so that Linus can answer simple questions.  Completed a sublevel “Black Bull Tavern” where player can buy food and drink and also rent a cubicle for the night.
1 September 2008.

  Work continues refining early levels.  Most effort is on gameplay.   Heavy coding on quests and moving the plot along.  Lately, a tavern level and guesthouse has been added.  Finally a good number of character models have been assembled.  Still need to complete those three levels!
14 June 2008.

  Long Delay in Updating.  The Slave Boy has a name!  Linus!  We have acquired several more top quality models.  Most recently, we picked up a mummy model from AlienHeretic.  The Jerusalem levels are finished.  Only three levels to go!
15 February 2008.

  More model progress.  Skinned and animated the Slave Boy -- he needs a name!  Anatoliy Meymuhin came through again with 3 beautiful female models.  Then Justin "Teknik" Shelton agreed to contribute some of his considerable skinning expertise. Finally, thanks to Evi Suryani of Cubix Studios we have another nicely animated female model.  We recently acquired a number of inanimate models, also.  Work went forward on optimizing levels to decrease rendering time.
22 February 2006.

  New models have been added. Many thanks to Rashad "Temetry" for completing a Roman Man, a Roman Woman and a Slave Boy. The Roman Man and Slave Boy have high and low poly versions. Also thanks to Anatoliy Meymuhin for his "Frost Giant" model, which I will use as a blacksmith.  Big steps forward in developing the needed NPCs!
15 January 2006.

  Comments received. Thanks to all who helped with beta testing!  The opening sequence was criticised. A new beginning -- "Island" level prototyped.  It should give an easier starting point for the player.
12 November 2005.

  Demo version released. This is the second demo released for beta testing. The file is 79MB, so it is hosted at FileFront. Notice will be placed on forums.
28 October 2005.

  Behind the scenes work continues. Eric Svensson has beautifully animated two models. Rincewind has contributed more models. Level 2 optimized for fast FPS.
20 Sept 2005.

  A lot has been happening behind the scenes. MASH has modeled and skinned two models and some armor. Rincewind has skinned a manor house. Three levels completed.    20 May 2005.

  Completed a final concept of two levels for the harbor of Caesarea.  Working on LOD to increase frame rate.  Drops below 10fps in some places.  20 November 2004.

  Put up the demo on the resources page for downoading.  Sending a copy to the music composers.  20 April 2004.

  Completed a demo of level one for Via Dolorosa.  7 April 2004.

  Finished a revision of the Via Dolorosa web site.  Included a more detailed synopsis of the story line and a list of FAQs.  27 September 2003.

  Put up a selection of images from Angkor Wat, a famous Hindu Temple near Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The digital photos of temple walls provide good raw materials for making textures.  1 September 2003

  Worked up the overall concept outline for the game.  Then began to create the first two levels.  One is a detailed look at the harbor of Caesarea Maritima.  Progress on this level first required research on what the city looked like in the first century.  This information then had to be put translated into a 3-d form using the Conitec world editor WED.  The opening scene (where the hero (heroine) is struggling in the ocean) was also converted into a level.  January - August 2003

  Put up the first version of the web page.  This is really a placeholder.  This followed several months research into the geography, history and culture of the land of Judea and Galilee in the first century, A.D.   November 2002

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The log of development of Via Dolorosa.


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