Why doesn’t the summary of the story mention the lands of Galilee and Judea?
        The idea is not to reveal too much of the story too early.   The story page is really a lead-in, setting the stage for what happed just prior to the start of the game.   Part of the challenge is to figure out when and where you arrive in the past.   But it is no secret that the story takes place during the lifetime of Jesus Christ, and, as you say, in the lands of Galilee and Judea.   At this time, these lands were ruled by Rome.

  What has the lightning to do with anything?
        The lightning bolt apparently opens a temporal dimension and throws you back approximately 2000 years into the past.   To an observer, it probably appears that you are vaporized by the bolt.   That raises the question: How can you ever get back to let your grieving sweetheart and family know that you are still alive?   The answer to that question is found in the game’s final chapters.

  Why a game about the Bible and religion, anyway?
        To that, we might answer, why not?  Certainly, there seems to be plenty of shooter games already, if that is what you want.  But there are few games that challenge you to think, solve, learn and remember.  We want a game that brings the Bible alive, in a fun way.  Clearly, if the teachings of Christianity are true, they are of unparalleled importance to every person on earth.  It is our sincere hope that this game may help make this information more accessible to a younger generation.

  But this game allows the player to do bad, immoral and even wicked things. Why allow that?
        The important thing is that,in Via Dolorosa, bad is shown to be bad.  There is a saying: “What goes around, comes around.”  Another way to say this is “You reap what you sow.”  It is called the law of reciprocity.  You as the player can do bad things in this game.  You will meet other characters, and will usually have a choice of how to respond to them.  They can be treated with respect, avoided, attacked, insulted or killed, to name a few possible choices.  But choices always have consequences.  In order to learn the consequences for good and bad behavior, the player is allowed the freedom to choose.  If you try to simply destroy everything that moves, the full weight of Rome will quickly come against you.  You won’t survive long, trust us.

  How do you win the game?
        You must learn and remember certain things in each situation in order to make progress through the series of adventures. There are no numerical scores and there may be several possible routes to the final goal.  A large part of the game is to figure out why you are in the past and what you are supposed to do there.

  Does that mean that the time travel is part of a grand design, or is it an accident?
        Sorry. You will have to answer that question yourself when you play the game.  It is a good question, though!

  There's a choice whether to be male or female. Why does the female not have the “Easy” level of difficulty?
       Several levels actually do allow the "Easy" level for female players.  The first level is an example of this. But to be realistic, a female traveling alone in the first century A.D. is not going to have an easy time.   The lack of the least difficult “Easy” choice for most levels is intended to make that point.

  In that case, is having the option to chose to be female a realistic choice?
        Reasonably so.  Women traveled widely in those days, and probably had more freedom then than now in many areas of the Middle East.  The idea, though, is to make the game accessible to as wide an audience as possible.  There are some girls who have no interest in a game if they have to pretend to be a male.  The option to choose the sex of the main character is intended to make the player feel more comfortable.

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These FAQs concern the adventure game called Via Dolorosa.

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